Learn to Freedive Long WKND

The allure of the ocean beckons the most adventurous of us to dip beneath the thin blue and explore the thriving landscapes of the coral reef. To fully immerse yourself in the experience, learn to dive in the purest form – hold your breath and freedive. 

Our Learn to Freedive Long WKND course starts you on the journey of freediving at a comfortable pace. The longer course duration also allows you more time spent in the water, gaining valuable skills and learning the ways to become one with your body, mind, and the water.

*Minimum 2 to go, pricing reduces from 4 pax onwards.

Course Content

Online Content

Start your learning journey online with RAID’s interactive web modules. Learn in the comfort of your home, or on the plane right over to your holiday destination!

Academic Training

Before venturing into the water, our Instructor will bring you through a series of academic topics to bolster your knowledge on the given subject. This programme ensures that you will be fully equipped with the skills needed to stay safe in the water and make the most out of each dive, having fun and enojying the full experience of being underwater.

Practical Training

Once completed with the academic portion of your course, our Instructor will bring you through the underwater elements that will form the basis of your practical training. Your comprehensive training will have you go through a minimum of 2 sessions during Confined Water training, followed by a minimum of 2 sessions in the Open Water.


-To be a minimum of 12 years old, or 18 with the written consent of a guardian.

Cancellation Policy

Should you wish to cancel your booking, all cancellations need to be advised in writing to TDCG and the following conditions will/may apply:

(a) Bookings cancelled at any time after confirmation are subject to the forfeit of deposit, including any additional deposits required by suppliers.

(b) In addition to this fee are any charges made by the hotel, tour operator, or other principal. This can amount to up to 100% of total land arrangement costs, particularly when cancelling tours and other arrangements after the final payment due date.

It is highly recommended that Travel Insurance is taken at the time a deposit is paid, as this may prevent you having to pay these fees, if cancellation is due to circumstances beyond your control. Any refunds due will be available to you after we receive the monies from the operator involved.